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Immobilizer – Increased Security For Your Car

An immobilizer is a device that prevents the engine from starting unless and until the correct key is in the ignition. It’s a form of anti-theft security measure, but it also serves as an important safety feature. If your car doesn’t start when you turn on its key, but you’re sure there are no other problems with the vehicle, then it’s likely that there’s been some sort of tampering with or damage to the immobilizer system. Rather than worrying about it, make a call to Quick Keys & Locksmith company to find a reliable automotive specialist.

Our expert will come to your location to fix whatever the issue may be. We have experienced specialists to work for the security of your vehicle. Contact us if you are in Harison, NJ, or its surroundings to get exceptional services.

A High-Quality Control Unit Can Help Function Immobilizers Smoothly!

The control unit is a small computer that is part of the immobilizer system. The control unit performs the following functions:

  • Reads the transponder chip.
  • Decodes the signal from the transponder chip.
  • Compares this decoded signal with data stored in memory, which contains instructions for controlling various systems within your vehicle, including starting it and stopping it (if equipped).

Why Is An Immobilizer Important?

This system is a great way to keep your car safe. It’s important to be able to start your car every time you need it, but without an immobilizer system, thieves could steal your vehicle and potentially hurt someone else in the process. So, it is better to have an immobilizer in your car. If you need to install, repair or even replace it, call Quick Keys & Locksmith in Harrison, NJ. We serve you the best quality only.

Checking If Your Car Has An Immobilizer!

Whether or not your car has an immobilizer can be determined by looking at a few different things. In order to find out if your vehicle has one built-in, consult the owner’s manual. Your vehicle’s specifications, including the presence or absence of an immobilizer, should be detailed in this manual.

The previous owner of a used car might have disconnected or removed it. However, if you’re buying a used car, the previous owner might have put in a brand-new one. As a result, the presence of an immobilizer is not dependent on whether or not the manufacturer preinstalled one.

All information regarding the immobilizer, which includes whether or not it has been altered, should be included in the owner’s manual. Even if it isn’t immediately clear, any competent mechanic should be able to check out your car and confirm the details for you.

Signs Of A Malfunctioning Immobilizer – We Can Help You Fix Them!

Immobilizers can malfunction like other automotive parts. Here are some early warning signs:.

The Problem In Unlocking Your Car Door:

When your key fob’s unlock button doesn’t work, the engine immobilizer is faulty. The key fob won’t send the codes. In this case, the key’s battery or immobilizer may be faulty. You can be in a car lockout situation if your car is not unlocking by using your transponder keys.

Problem With Locking A Car:

If car remotes or a key fob can’t unlock a car door, it may not lock either. If the door locks automatically, leave it open or roll down the window. Your car’s immobilizer can be hacked and stolen until the key fob is fixed.

Corrodes With Bad Wiring:

If the key fob works but the automobile immobilizer doesn’t, examine the wiring. Damaged, corroded, or worn wires suggest a control unit problem. Wiring replacement and professional automotive locksmiths can fix this problem easily.

Engine Is Unable To Start:

A bad engine immobilizer won’t let the vehicle start without a valid security token. A defective engine immobilizer may allow you to lock or unlock the vehicle, but it won’t start. If the engine doesn’t start, examine the immobilizer wire, or you can consult a professional for assistance.

Ignition Key Won’t Turn:

Check the transponder chip in the key fob if your automobile key won’t turn in the ignition. The key won’t turn because the key fob may not be able to deliver the engine immobilizer’s security code. Make sure you’re using the appropriate key fob before calling a car locksmith East Orange, NJ.

Car Alarm Problems:

Your car’s alarm and immobilizer are linked. If your car’s immobilizer is broken, the factory alarm won’t work. This may be why your car alarm keeps going off.

So, these are the few reasons behind a malfunctioning immobilizer. Quick Keys & Locksmith company can help you fix all these issues by offering competent professionals. Our team of automotive locksmith experts is a call away.

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