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Car keys are keys that are used both to start an automobile and to open it. They are the same type of key. In modern key designs, the cut edge is usually removed, and the actuation of the lock is usually done with grooves that run the length of the key rather than a straight edge. It serves many purposes for certain types of automobiles. Besides opening the doors, a car key is also capable of starting the ignition, unlocking the glove box, and opening the trunk of a vehicle. Valet keys allow the valet to start the ignition and open doors on the driver’s side, but they don’t enable him to get access to valuable items in the trunk and glovebox.

High-performance valet keys limit the power of the engine in order to ward off joyrides. The security features of newer vehicles include coding for immobilizers. Advanced ignition systems replace mechanical key switches with electronic devices. A number of modern vehicles have a combination of ignition switches and security locks that also lock the steering column. The driver’s knee is not damaged by the switch in the latter case because it is between the seats.

Types Of Modern Car Keys!

Keyless entry systems in modern cars use keypads, key fobs, wirelessly enabled hand computers (such as smartphones and tablets), or remote controls instead of toothed keys. The doors of certain vehicles unlock automatically when the handheld device is detected near the vehicle when it detects the presence of the user’s hand.

It is claimed that certain high-tech keys will prevent thieves from takeover an automobile. In contrast to a typical key, Mercedes-Benz keys use a coded infrared beam that communicates with the car’s computer rather than having a forged metal piece to start the car. It is possible to start the car if the codes match.

Keys are basically the same except for their appearance, so a switchblade key cannot be differentiated from any other. When no longer needed, the switchblade key folds into the fob. Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of switchblade keys. The compact design makes them attractive. Switchblade keys are in some cases referred to as flip keys. Generally, switchblade keys have a transponder chip because they are only developed for newer models of cars.

Call Us For Your Lost or Damaged Keys in Harrison, NJ!

Has your car key been lost? What about your key fob? Did you break them? Did your ignition stop work? Perhaps you need reprogramming!

When you forget to keep your keys in a drawer or at the grocery store counter, it is quite easy to lose them. We are responsible for quickly responding and getting you to your destination safely. Within minutes, we will be able to customize and create any key you may require.


Our team can repair damaged chip keys on-site if you are having trouble unlocking your doors. Damage to keys is frequent, and they can break with a little pressure.

We maintain a strict on-time arrival policy to ensure that you will not be kept waiting for long. As well as replacing ignition keys, we can also help you avoid having to visit a car dealer. You know who you can rely on if you lose your car keys! Several of our technicians are among the state’s most qualified.

Car Key Duplication Harrison, NJ Services!

We can duplicate any model key quickly and efficiently with today’s advancements in technology. In order to improve duplication processes, we equip our commercial vans with cutting-edge technology.

With a comprehensive range of auto locksmith services provided by our auto locksmith company, we offer a wide range of services, including key duplications, key cutting, lock picking professionals, transponder key programming, replacement ignition keys, and replacement car keys, VAT keys, and help with lockouts.

During the winter, it gets exceptionally cold, and a blizzard or snowstorm is the last thing you should be doing. Our team will arrive at the scene within a few minutes, so don’t worry.

In the event of a potential emergency situation, we always recommend making extra copies for our clients. A simple keychain is also pretty cheap at any supply store. Make sure you always have your keys by your side so you can keep track of where they are.No one beats Quick Keys & Locksmith’s reliability when it comes to booking!

You Need to Be Careful About Buying Car Keys from the Internet

Our company has been asked to assist people who have bought online keys for their cars. At times there are no problems with them, but increasingly there is a problem that is very costly.

You Can Count On Us

The loss of a car key is so frequent that it almost doesn’t give you a chance to react. Despite the chaos on the way, Quick Keys & Locksmith will arrive soon. We are professional and on time at a great price. No matter what year your key is, we can replace it. We’ll take care of the rest if you call us with the make and model. Our pros expert team are standing by to help you at any time. We also provide services in Newark, NJ. You can call our locksmith Newark, NJ experts there for help!

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